The Year Ahead. What 2017 might mean to you, your home and your other real estate investments.

What are the experts saying about the new year and what you can take away from it.

First of all, let’s take a look at the value of your home. Now there, I have some good news for you. Prices in most parts of Texas and America are expected to keep rising in 2017. The reason is that there aren’t enough homes for sale. But there are still plenty of buyers out there. So the laws of supply and demand are in your favor if you own a home or plan on selling one. Now, it won’t be a huge increase. The National Association of REALTORS believes that by this time next year the median price of a home in the United States will go from its current point of $232,200 to $241,250. That’s an increase of 3.9%. Now it’s not a spike, but after all, up is up. That’s good news for owners who have even greater equity in their homes and investments. Also for sellers, who will see those profits at the closing table.

Now, that low inventory and rising prices are expected to create challenges for home buyers. Especially first time buyers. But, those buyers do have factors in their favor. For one thing, most mortgage lenders are allowing lower credit scores and lower down payments. Up to now, home buyers have enjoyed record low interest rates. Well that’s about to change. Interest rates have started to rise. Not by that much, but they are on the way up. They’ve gone up about half a point since the summer. By the end of 2017 they’re expected to be a half point higher than that. The days of record lows may be behind us, but even so, the rates will continue to be incredibly low and not a barrier to home ownership.

Experts believe there could be some really good news for buyers coming down the line in 2017. And that is more homes are expected to come on the market. That means more choices, less competition, and all that added inventory should help curb those rising prices. You see, the nations home builders are predicting that in 2017 they’ll finally be on tract to build more than a million new homes. That’s up there from after the slump they had after the downturn. Not up there all the way since the home builders ordinary would put up a million and a half homes. But again, up is up and new home construction is headed in the right direction.

So buyers who hang in there might do okay. Especially if they end up getting a home of their own. That would make 2017 a great year. And even better if they are moving from renting to buying because rents are expected to continue to rise throughout 2017.

So, what’s the bottom line? Well in prices, interest rates, mortgage rates, mortgage availability, and inventory we’re seeing positive changes on the horizon. Not massive, epic changes, but slow, steady movement back to be what could be considered a normal market. A balanced market in which buyers and sellers are on more equal footing without either being at a big disadvantage. You could call that a healthy real estate market. And that’s a pretty great outlook as we approach 2017, the year ahead.


Let’s Rodeo San Antonio!

rodeo2Hello Friends,

It’s that time of year again! What a way to kick off the year with San Antonio’s Stock Show & Rodeo.
Whether your looking forward to Food, Entertainment, Rides & Shows the Stock Show and rodeo is sure to provide plenty of fun & goodtimes for the whole family. This is one of my favorite times of the year. here are some fun activities you might consider.

Bar-B-Que Cook-off: The San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo Bar-B-Que Cookoff is an annual event that occurs prior to the start of the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo. Nearly 300 teams of the world’s best Barbequers compete in this championship event. There is live music throughout the day, shopping and plenty of fine Texas Barbeque to sample.

Stock Show Stampede: This annual 4 Mile Run and/or 1.6 Mile Walk allows volunteers and patrons the chance to “get fit” before they “get Rodeo ready”! The race begins at the Gembler Road satellite parking lot and continues around Red Berry Mansion, ending at the Stock Show & Rodeo grounds.

Youth Day: Youth Day is an entire day during the San Antonio Rodeo dedicated to Youth! During this day, 4-H, FFA, & FCCLA members from across Texas gather together to showcase their organizations, activities, & project work. These members set up exhibits and interactive activity booths for young visitors attending the Stock Show & Rodeo. Children are treated to arts and crafts, games, demonstrations, sweet treats, and educational activities. All the fun of Youth Day is included with your rodeo or grounds ticket.

Rodeos dare cowboys to test their abilities to the fullest such as bull riding, bareback horse riding, and steer wrestling. The livestock show gives children a firsthand look at the life of a Texas rancher and lets them meet the many animals the ranchers bring with them for judging and auction. Kids can participate in many of the activities they would experience on a ranch, such as milking a cow, and play with some of the actual animals at a petting zoo and other interactive exhibits.

Visitors should be sure to spend some time enjoying the grounds, where clothes and custom boots can be bought from one of hundreds of vendors selling items of the western variety walk through the art displays showing beautiful work and talent from local students. The family fair and carnival offer everything from authentic barbeque and funnel cakes to thrilling rides and family friendly shows.
Be sure to tell them Scott Myers sent you! Have fun & Enjoy!

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5 Things to do on the Riverwalk

Hello again,

Today I want to share some great information with everyone and some of the things to do in San Antonio & the Riverwalk.

San Antonio is one of the top tourist destinations in the country because of our rapid growth and our diverse culture. There are many exciting things to do while visiting the Riverwalk downtown from Entertainment to Fine Dining. The riverwalk offer a unique and fun prospective for all age groups.

Here is a list of top 5 things to do at the Riverwalk,

1.) Eat, Drink & Be Merry
Over fifty restaurants, bistros, cafes, clubs, bars — most with quaint outdoor patios — line the River Walk as it meanders its way through downtown San Antonio. There is everything from stellar Tex Mex to haute cuisine and locally-owned spots as well as popular international names like the Hard Rock Cafe. Find the right spot to eat.

2.) Land & Art Scapes
Few visitors venture beyond the downtown River Walk but it’s well worth it. Explore the Museum Reach, north of downtown, and watch for the  twelve art installations on the river banks. Stop along the way at  the San Antonio Museum of Art and the Southwest School of Art, then the boat ride ends at the 125-year-old Pearl Brewery complex, now home to restaurants, an outdoor amphitheater, a Saturday farmers market, eclectic shops and the Culinary Institute of America — San Antonio. If you go south from downtown, the south fork of the river meanders through the stately King William Historic District  all the way to the Blue Star arts complex, an eclectic enclave of creative souls, unusual shops and galleries, public art scattered about, and a brew pub.

3.) Sunset Cruise
Lots of folks take a tour of the River Walk aboard a river cruiser, but few know that you can take asunset taxi ride from downtown, along the Museum Reach, to the Pearl Brewery. Only in the dark will you be able to appreciate the full impact of  the art installations that line the banks, all of which use light in creative ways. They were created by some of the most interesting names in the art world. Museums, schools, residences and commercial buildings often are lit in startling and unusual ways.

4.) Secret Places To Shop
Don’t leave without a pink cowboy hat of course — pick one up at any of the River Walk curio shops. Less obvious but also right on the River Walk:  La Villita Historic Arts Village;  The Pearl BrewerySan Antonio Museum of Art Store and Southwest School of Art Gallery Shop. For major mall goers, the Rivercenter Mall— with over 60 stores — hugs the banks of the River Walk lagoon.

5.) Run, Walk, Hike, Bring Your Dog
The River Walk is a long linear park, beautifully landscaped, with great sidewalks. The less congested places are perfect for serious exercising or romantic strolls. The River Walk is eight miles long. In a few years, it will be a 15-mile masterpiece that weaves the city’s past and future together, starting north of the city at Brackenridge Park (San Antonio’s Central Park) and traveling south all the way to the four Spanish colonial missions south of downtown.

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A Great Downtown San Antonio Museum and Restaurant

One of my co-workers recently told me about a Saturday that he and his wife spent downtown playing tourist, and he reminded me about a great museum I haven’t been to in several years, as well as one of my favorite downtown restaurants. I asked him to contribute a guest post to my Blog, and here it is:


Submitted by Richard House (Guest Blogger)

My wife and I recently decided to spend a day downtown playing tourist, and we ended up spending half of it at the Institute of Texan Cultures. The museum was originally part of HemisFair ’68 as the Texas Pavilion, and is one of the few exhibits from the 1968 fair that has remained as a permanent fixture on the former fair grounds. When I think of Texan Cultures, I recall my middle school Texas history class and think of the six national flags that have flown over what is now the state of Texas, but this museum reminds me that there is a lot more cultural diversity in the state than just the familiar “Six Flags Over Texas”.

The main exhibits of the museum are all on one floor, which is divided into sections for the various cultures that have influenced the development of the state. Each area is filled with artifacts, photographs and narrative discussions of the history of the immigrations and contributions of the various cultures and individuals.

The first exhibit you encounter on entering covers prehistoric humans that are thought to have inhabited various parts of what is now Texas, followed by the several Native American tribes that were encountered by the first European settlers. Other exhibits describe the many cultures that have come together to make Texas what it is today, including: English, Irish, Scotch, Hungarian, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, African-American, Jewish, Czech, German, Wendish, Italian, Swiss, Japanese, Chinese, Polish, Belgian, Dutch, Greek, French, Lebanese and Tejano.

After several hours at the museum, it was time for lunch so we took a 10-minute walk to Schilo’s Delicatessen at the corner of Commerce and S. Alamo St. If you are a visitor to San Antonio and have had your fill of our famous Mexican Food and Bar-B-Que, give Schilo’s a try. I had a cup of split pea soup, wiener-schnitzel and German potato salad, and my wife had a pastrami sandwich. Shilo’s is also famous for its homemade root beer. Everything was freshly made and delicious, and a great example of the influence of German immigrants in Texas.



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Fun With the Grand-Kids

Recently my daughter and her kids visited us in San Antonio for a few days, and I was in charge of planning activities for my grand-kids. One place that was a big hit with them was Monster Golf on NW Military Highway near West Avenue. It is miniature golf, great for kids and a perfect spot for birthday parties. Along with golf, there are also games for kids, as well as air hockey — which is fun for all ages. Kids can win points by doing well at the games, and depending on the points they win, can pick from a selection of prizes. Although the prizes do not amount to much, the kids find the long rolls of tickets coming from the machines exciting as they come rolling out of the machine. The thrill is far more exciting than the prizes.

The miniature golf course is fun to play – a little challenging. There are Halloween type monsters lining the walls throughout the place and some are actually at the holes. All the lighting is florescent so colors light up in brilliant hues. One of my grandsons was wearing tennis shoes with orange laces that really glowed in the dark. You could see them better than you could see my grandson.

I also highly recommend the Exotic Resort Zoo, which is on U.S. Hwy 281 four miles north of Johnson City, about one hour north of San Antonio. There are numerous animals, many often found only in Africa, that roam the place. There are zebras, camels, buffalo, alpacas, kangaroos, rhinos and numerous other animals. All are tame and you can feed them by holding your hand out with feed in it. The animals will eat the food right from the palm of your hand. A big attraction is a ride in a wagon pulled by a tractor. The tractor takes you over several acres of land, and there are animals all along the route. The wagon goes out hourly, but there is a petting zoo that will keep you and the kids occupied while you wait for the next departure.

So if you have kids or grand-kids, or are just looking for some fun for the kid in you – check out Monster Golf and the Exotic Resort Zoo.

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Wonderland of the Americas – Movies and Jazz

Founded in the early 1960s and originally called Wonderland Shopping City, it was known for years as Crossroads Mall. Now to help bring people back to it, they have named it Wonderland of The Americas. Every Thursday night at 7:00 is free movie night. Each month has a theme. August is Alfred Hitchcock month, featuring great classics like Vertigo, Rear Window, Psycho and The Birds. They start handing out tickets at 6:00 pm. If you are not in line by 6:30, you may not get in (it depends on the movie). Two weeks ago my wife and I went to see Casablanca and it was packed. Last week, the movie was On The Water Front, and it had a nice crowd, but not as large. They have a fun movie trivia quiz before the showing where you can win small items from a merchant at the mall. Last week, my wife correctly answered a question and won a pair of really nice ear rings.

Wonderland also has an amphitheater, where they hold the ultra popular Balcones Heights Jazz Festival every Friday night during the summer months. This attracts 3,000 to 4,000 people at each performance. There are no seats, so bring your lawn chairs. You need to get there by 6:30 or you will not find a good place to sit and see the band. Some people stake their spot out as early as Monday by putting their lawn chairs where they want them. I am told by officials at Wonderland that no one has ever reported a chair being stolen during the week when they do this.

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