Adapting to selling houses during the Coronavirus pandemic.

First and foremost we hope all our readers are staying safe.  The information surrounding the Coronavirus changes quickly, please stay informed from your news outlet.

Some REALTORS are going out with masks and gloves to look at houses with clients.  One first time home buyer said she is excited and wanted to make the most of her time working at home during the pandemic.

Many REALTORS thought buyer interest might slow as the coronavirus spreads across the country, as governments tell residents to stay home.

Many people at home want to take advantage of the low mortgage rates, one lender says they’ve actually seen an uptick in applications.  This is a great time to buy a home.  It seems like that wouldn’t be so, but it is a very good time to buy a home.

Before the pandemic started, people had plans to move – for a job, a bigger house, or a new lease, and those plans are moving forward as best as they can.  What is usually the busiest season of the year, the industry faces new challenges in the form of government orders that restrict business and the number of people allowed to gather in one place.

Thankfully, our Mayor has deemed the real estate industry essential and agents are conducting business over the phone and online.  Closings, which had been taking place from the six-foot distance health officials recommend, now are done remotely.  In-person showings are becoming rare, and open houses aren’t happening.  Agents are using technology any way they can to keep the ball rolling.  REALTORS are a creative group of people and will adapt to how they do their business and will work with clients to keep transactions moving. Supply and demand has not changed, just the way we do business.




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