A Tremendous Milestone!

We had the 40th anniversary of our company on July 16th.
It was quite a celebration with the majority of our salespeople and staff present.  Members of the San Antonio Economic Development were present and San Antonio Chamber Of Commerce Ambassadors were present and conducted a terrific ceremony and ribbon cutting.
I hope you will give me just a minute to indulge myself.  I started the company on July 16, 2019 with one part time salesperson and interest rates at 17.5%.  I must have had rocks in my head. By the way, the part time salesperson left after about 30 days, so I was the one and only salesperson, the trash dumper, the light bulb changer, the book keeper, and everything else that had to be done.
In that 40 years, we have accumulated a terrific sales staff of about 40 real estate professionals and I and our sales professionals are lucky to have the greatest office manager on the face of the earth, and a fabulous part time admin person. They allow us to do hat we do best – help our clients and consumers.  By the way, not only do our agents help client after client with their real estate needs,  but they are just really nice people.  I love working alongside all of our agents, and judging by the answers to the surveys we receive back with clients answers to our customer service surveys, the general public loves working with them too.
We have grown into having a very busy Commercial Department and Property management Department in additions to of course having an always thriving residential business.
I love our company!! If you have a real estate need or referral that we can help, I believe that you or your referral will come to love our company too.  You are your referral will be using the services of a company that has been the winner of the prestigious Quality Service Pinnacle Award every year since 2002.
Thank you for permitting me to talk about what we have accomplished since July 16th, 1979.

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