Connected After the Closing

The closing – in which the seller sells, the buyer buys, everybody shakes hands and the real estate transaction is a success. However, even after its done there’s one last thing that connects the buyer to the seller. It’s something that’s not always pleasant. The mail! Say that you just bought a house but the former owner still gets tons of mail every single day. Or if you sell a house but you never get any of the mail addressed to your old place forwarded to you, nothing.  

Ok, I know, in today’s digital world some people never get any mail but most of us do. Whether it’s a bank statement, or a refund check, or a magazine subscription. So when the house changes hands, what happens? Well, for starters as the seller you should go to your local post office or go online and fill out a change of address form. That’s the best way to make you won’t miss any mail. It’s quick, it’s easy, and it works perfectly.
Now, what if you don’t do that, do the people who bought your house have a legal responsibility to forward each and every piece of mail that arrives? Or if the new owner never forwards any mail at all and just throws it out, are they breaking the law? It’s a great question, because the fact is it happens a lot. People just forget to do that change of address form and there you are in the new house when you realize you’re not receiving anything from your old address. No letters, no magazines, no flyers, nothing. So who’s fault is it? According to the postal service, it’s your mail, and your new address, so it’s your responsibility to make sure it gets to you.

So really, you should fill out that change of address form. But if you don’t, when it comes to the new owners of your old place, they have options. Assuming that they know your new address, they could write it on every piece of mail and put it back in the box and it would eventually get to you at your new address. But again, that’s asking them to do all the readdressing. And if you get a lot of mail that’s a lot of work. Other options, they could write NSP on it. That means no such person. Or RTS, return to sender, and they can put it back in the mail box. But of course, if they do that you’ll never get it. It would either go to the dead letter bin or back to the original sender.

But what if they do just throw it all away? If it’s bulk mail, that’s probably okay. According to the postal service, catalogues, restaurant menus, that sort of thing is okay to throw away. But if it’s first class mail, that my friend is a crime. You cannot destroy first class mail. But here’s the problem, how to you prove the new owners are really throwing out your mail?

So let’s get back to the real solution here. Change your address yourself. Do in person at the post office or do it online. Don’t rely on the people who just bought your house. Again, the postal service says it your job to make sure your mail gets to you at your new house. Because if you do it the right way, just think, the next time somebody says “The check is in the mail”, you’ll actually get it.

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