The Spring Market: Selling Your Home in the Spring of 2017

Okay, you might have heard that it’s a seller’s market out there. That as soon as the “For Sale” sign goes up on the lawn the house is under contract. And that’s true in many areas in San Antonio. But, the goal is maximum profit in the minimum time. Selling your house fast is good, but selling your house fast at a great price is even better.

So let’s talk about how to achieve that this Spring. Maximum profit in the minimum time.

First, talk with your REALTOR.  Take them on a tour of your place, I’m talking the inside and the outside. Let the REALTOR get a great look at all the rooms, the flooring, the paint, the windows, the walkways, the yard, everything. Now, be sure to point out any improvements you’ve made.  New kitchen, point it out. Wonderful landscaping, tell your REALTOR that and also tell them when the property is in full bloom. That can make a big difference to potential buyers, so you might want to discuss putting your house on the market while the flowers, bushes, and trees are at their peak. After all, first impressions count, especially when you’re trying to sell your home. You’ll have to put some time and effort into that curb appeal.

Now it’s possible your REALTOR will also recommend decluttering your house. Now you’re not alone, that happens a lot. You might need to move out some of the huge pieces of furniture you have and put them in storage. That’s a hassle but your place might look more spacious, airy, and inviting as a result.

Now, you’ve taken your REALTOR on the tour of the house. What’s next? Try to anticipate questions that most buyers will have. Here’s a big one – how much are the utilities? People are asking that all the time. So one great idea is to get out several months worth of gas, electric, and water bills. Copy them and have them for available for potential buyers to examine. They’ll really appreciate that. Another idea is if you have any photographs of your property in different seasons, it’s a great plan to print them out and have them on display so buyers can see how the place looks in different times of the year.

Okay, ready to put up that “For Sale” sign? Well, not quite. First you’ll have to discuss some key issues with your REALTOR. One is how the house will be shown. There’s a simple reality here. The more people who see your property, the better chance you’ll have of selling it fast for the maximum price. So if you insist on “appointment only” showings or perhaps only on Sunday from 2:00 to 3:00 pm, it might take your house a lot longer to sell. A better option, make your house really easy to show. Anytime during the day, 7 days a week. That way you’ll get the most showings possible. And you never know, the buyer who desperately who wants to see your place just as you’re sitting down to dinner, that might be the person who makes an offer. Discuss it with your REALTOR and see what you both come up with.

And finally, I kept the best thing for last, discuss the potential selling price with your REALTOR. Many people have a figure in their heads about what their home is worth. For instance, you bought it for $300,000 and you built a $20,000 deck and now you expect to get at least $320,000, right?  Well maybe. But remember, the market determines your price, not the amount you put into it. What you need instead is good, hard data. Your REALTOR can tell you what comparable homes have sold for. They can also tell you what homes failed to sell because they were over priced (there’s some of that going on). But if you base your sales price on solid data, you’ll have a better chance at a successful transaction.

So there we have it. Fix the place up, get your utility bills and photos together, discuss the whole process with your REALTOR and price it right. If you do all that, you have the best possible chance of hitting that goal of maximum profit in the minimum time. And you know what, the Spring market of 2017 might be the best one ever for you.


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