Let’s Take it Outside: Landscaping Differences in Existing and New Homes

Let’s start with existing homes. First, the pros. Places that were built many years ago have seen many growing seasons come and go. So the bushes are bigger, the lawns are more established and the trees are often taller and fuller. It’s just not your house, the whole neighborhood could have a lush full look from big mature Azaleas to the canopy of green leaves over head. There’s only one way to get that look and feel and that is the passage of time. It can be breathtakingly beautiful and it can make a neighborhood absolutely shine.

Now when you buy a house in that kind of neighborhood your landscaping will be pretty much all set. It’s great for people who want a turn key house because all the landscaping is already done.  It’s already paid for too. All you have to do is move in, maintain it and enjoy it. Unless you don’t like it.  Then you have to make some changes, and that’s a lot of work. That’s the downside with landscaping at an existing home. You just have fewer choices when you buy the place. The good news is that’s really the only downside.

Now let’s compare that to a new home. The upside here is you have many more choices.  You can bring in a landscape designer to help plan the look and the feel. A play area, a raised garden, a rambling rose bush along the white picket fence. You name it, you got it. Of course you’ll have to invest in all that.  The designer, the plants, the installation.  It can be expensive. So if you want to create your own landscape from scratch you better sock away a few thousand beyond the price of the house.

Of course most new homes have at least something in the yard. The bushes are often young and little.  The lawn is often brand new turf.  The trees, some developers just clear the whole lot.  That makes the building process go a lot faster. So the trees they end up planting later are young saplings. Now some developers try to save trees as they build. So you could have some mature trees on the lot. But if it’s a development, chances are the developer will have taken down lots of trees. So your house and the entire neighborhood will have that brand new look with a big view of the sky since the trees will not develop that lush, green canopy for many years to come.

Overall, you’ll have far more choices when landscaping a brand new home. Just like the textures, colors, and fixtures inside, every choice will be yours and that’s nice. As for me, I’ve done both. I’ve bought older homes with huge bushes and hundred-year-old trees and flower gardens dating back many decades. I’ve also bought brand new places where the entire yard was red clay with a few trees that were lucky enough to be spared. For me, I thoroughly enjoyed both, old and new. Because whether I was tilling that vintage flower garden or watching that brand new lawn pop up through that red clay, I was working on my own house.

So what about you? What’s sounds best, restoring a vintage garden or creating your own masterpiece from scratch? That’s the best thing about owning your own home. It’s your choice. Whether you’re working on an older yard or a brand new one, you’re working the very land that you own. It’s yours, and what can be better than that.

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