Your Smart Home

Do you really need your home to be a smart home or is your home just fine the way it is. Let’s take a look at that and look at some smart home devices and whether you really need them.

Let’s start at your front door. Chances are right now you have a regular deadbolt. And I would guess its works just fine. Get your key, unlock it and go right inside. And I bet your doorbell works fine too.  Someone pushes it, you hear the chime and you go to the front door to see who is there.

Let’s move inside now. If you want to turn the AC down or the heat up, the thermostat on your wall probably does the job just fine. You just walk up to it and spin that dial and your system does exactly what you tell it to. How about over in the room where you watch TV, you just pick up the remote and turn it on.  If you listen to the sound there through speakers throughout the room, you might turn on that system too. It’s all pretty easy.

Now when you’re at work or on vacation most of the time, you just leave your house, lock it up and everything is fine when you get back home.  So I think it’s reasonable to say that if your home is not a smart home it’s still just fine. But hey, why stop there? While we’re at it, why not use that old rotary telephone. You might have one in storage, and they still work, right?  Come to think of it, lots of really old things in every house still work fine.  That 30 year old counter top microwave works great.  The really old timer that you plug your lights into when you go on vacation works great. The old transistor radio your parents gave you when you where a kid, it just works great. Oh, and one more thing. Remember those old light bulbs, the types you can’t buy in stores anymore?  They work great too.

All of that old technology has been around for generations. If everything is working great, why change it?  Because as we all know just because if something works it doesn’t mean you have to use it forever. Things get better, and when they do, they can make your life better too. That’s the whole idea behind smart home technology – making your life better.

Sometimes that means just being able to lock or unlock your front door with your smart phone.  So that if you drive away and suddenly wonder did you remember to lock the door? You can do it with a tap on your screen instead of going all the way back home.  Sometimes making life better is being able to raise and lower the temperature inside of  your house without being there.  Again, your old thermostat works fine, if you’re home.  But a smart thermostat will do the job wherever you are.  That can save you money by lowering your utility bills.

Speaking of saving money. Those old light bulbs, they use a lot more electricity than the new CFL bulbs.  One home owner I know that the month after he swapped out every old light bulb in his house and put in the new CFL bulbs, his electric bill went down $50.

Sometimes making life better means making your home safer.  So sure, you’re old door bell works fine.  Some people like the idea of being able to see who is at the door before they open it.  Even if they’re not home. That can be some great piece of mind.

And sometimes making life better means having a little fun.  For many people that means walking into the TV room and saying “Alexa, turn on the evening news”.  And yes, you may not need a voice activated entertainment system, but it sure is fun.

Finally, think of the one thing that controls those devices – your smart phone.  Like I said, your old rotary telephone works just fine but your new smart phone just doesn’t sit at home.  It goes with you and it brings with it the power of the internet.  It connects you to your family, to your friends, and now to your home.

So while all the old stuff still works fine.  It probably won’t save you any money.  It probably won’t keep your house safer or more secure.  And it probably won’t make your life more fun.  That’s what the new home tech is all about, safety, security, saving money, and having some fun.  And that’s pretty smart.


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