Take the Stress out of your Home buying Experience

Good Morning Everyone,

The home buying process is an exciting experience, but can often leave a buyer feeling uneasy and stressed.  There are many tips to keep in mind if you are already under contract or just plotting the idea of searching for a new home.

  • Take your time, but don’t hold back– Your personality will dictate your pace.  Some people are analytical or emotional, while others want to get to the point and get answers.  Searching for homes can take time and you want to make sure you are buying the right home for you, but don’t be scared to fall in love with the first home you see.  I have found in my experience, my clients always end up purchasing one of the 1st three homes they view.  Everyone wants to buy at the lowest price and when interest rates are at their best, but if you wait until that moment, your home might just be sold to another person who wanted it a little bit more.
  • It’s OK to get advice, but YOU make the decision– It’s natural to ask for opinions and want to please everyone, but you are the one buying this home.  You are the one who will live in it, pay the mortgage, and call it HOME.  It’s great to listen to family and friends and get their feedback, but don’t get caught up trying to please everyone or you will just make this experience more difficult.
  • You will not find a home that is 100% perfect– I always meet with my buyers ahead of time before we look at houses.  This gives me a chance to clearly understand want they want in their new home.  I suggest writing down the Top 5 Likes and Top 5 Dislikes.  Unless you are building a home that you designed, it is nearly impossible to find a home that has exactly the right colors, room dimensions, and window treatments that you want.  Don’t get caught up on the little things and focus on what is really important for your new home.
  • Make sure it’s a DEAL, and not a STEAL– Negotiating is all part of the process when purchasing a home.  Be aware not to insult the seller.  Sometimes a “low-ball” offer can actually hurt you when negotiating.  Not only will the seller not take you seriously, but another buyer with a reasonable offer might win out.  Completing a competitive market analysis is the best way to determine what a FAIR price is.
  • You can change cosmetics, but not the roots– Try not to get caught up on the colors of the walls or the light hanging over the bathroom sink.  Your location, floor plan, amenities, and outside noise level are the important things and what cannot be changed.  Make sure you are purchasing a house that is going to accommodate your lifestyle and have resale value.
  • Financing– Do not waste your time searching for homes until you know your budget.  Speak with a lender and get prequalified so you know your price range.
  • Create a budget– Make sure you set aside money for minor repairs and if a problem should arise.  This is your home and you will be held accountable for fixing the problems.  If you plan ahead and have savings, you won’t be in a bind when a repair is needed. 
  • Buy a home because you LOVE it– Investors are buying for the sole purpose of cash flow.  You are buying for the comfort, a place to raise your family, a safe place to live, or a place to call “home”.  Yes, resale value is important, but focus on why you wanted to own in the first place and don’t get caught up on making money in the future.
  • HIRE A REALTOR!!!- Buyer representation is FREE!!  I am here to be your consultant from start to finish.  I eliminate the time spent in your car by clearly identifying what you want in your new home and finding homes that fit your needs.  I negotiate for you, save you money, set up inspections and closing.  I take the stress out of the home buying process and make it an exciting and seamless experience.   

Give us a call to schedule an appointment with one of our Agents today!


Scott Myers, Century 21 Scott Myers, Realtors

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