Trip to San Francisco!


Hello Everyone,

Our blog usually consists of great information about real estate such as lending and other great information about San Antonio. Today I would like to share a little bit about Joan’s and my recent visit to California. We made several stops in our adventure starting off in San Francisco, California.

Our first stop was in San Francisco on July 17th. 3 Nights later, we had a beautiful night stay in Healdsburg in Sonoma County know as (Wine Country) 3 Nights after that we had another wonderful 3 night stay in Mendocino.

On Our first night in San Francisco, we stayed at a lovely hotel in Union Square called the Hotel Monaco a (boutique hotel). It was very nice and personalized and we received great attention. From there, Joan and I took a taxi up to the North Beach area of San Francisco and stumbled upon a wonderful Italian Restaurant called the North Beach Restaurant. We were actually in the area to see a stage show that our friends recommended and we were in luck because the food was great.

The show that we moved on to see was called Beach Blanket Babylon, which has been showing for 40 years at the same location at (Club Fugazi). I personally have to say that the Stage Show was one of the most fun, and exciting entertaining shows I have ever seen. It was a topical show featuring funny acts and making good fun of politicians and other various acts. The thing to me that stood out were the unbelievable costumes that the performers were wearing and the head dresses were outlandish. The hair dresses were many times 2 to 3 feet high, the whole show was very fast moving and entertaining.

The following day Joan and I walked around Union Square at took a look at all the fashion stores and all the activity of every day life. We stopped and had a cup of coffee at the local and I might add very busy Starbucks coffee house.

I would also like to mention that San Francisco in the Union Square is very reminiscent of New York City in Manhattan, lots of excitement, people on the streets , very fast paced environment. It was nice to get away from the south Texas heat for a while and was quite refreshing in San Francisco because the weather was usually between 55 to 65 degrees.

The following 2 days of our trip we took 2 different tours on the Hop On Hop Off bus which is very nice and is a Double Decker Bus and it allowed us to stop wherever we wanted and visit the shops and boutiques and gave us a chance to walk around a while, but not to worry – about every 20 minutes another Hop On bus would come around and pick us up again which was very pleasant for us.

One our favorite highlights of the trip was being able to go over the Golden Gate Bridge and stopping at an incredible spot called “Vista Point” just over the bridge which was very photogenic and we were able to take plenty of beautiful pictures from up there. I might add that it was very cold and windy up there as well.

The 2nd night in Chinatown we ate at a very tasty restaurant called the House of Nanken which was recommended by a friend of mine. It was very delicious food but had a little trouble communicating because of the language barrier but overall it was very good. It is nice to see all the blocks and blocks of Chinatown which is pretty incredible. Also some of the various neighborhoods that San Francisco has like Chinatown, Nob Hill, Fishermans Wharf, and Japan Town and many other neighborhoods dominated by certain nationalities. That was pretty interesting to see all the diverse areas.

On the 3rd Night we ate at a place called Pharinon right in Union Square close to the hotel. One of the nice things about San Francisco is that it is very walkable and is actually 7 miles by 7miles. Pharinon’s was delicious even though we did not have reservations we had some great food at the happy hour they had. Overall it was a great decision.

The following day we rented a car and left San Francisco to drive to Healdsburg.

Thank you for letting me share this wonderful exciting experience and in my next blog I will be sure to talk about the rest of our trip in Healdsburg.


Scott Myers, Century21 Scott Myers, Realtors

(210) 479-1222

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