Fun With the Grand-Kids

Recently my daughter and her kids visited us in San Antonio for a few days, and I was in charge of planning activities for my grand-kids. One place that was a big hit with them was Monster Golf on NW Military Highway near West Avenue. It is miniature golf, great for kids and a perfect spot for birthday parties. Along with golf, there are also games for kids, as well as air hockey — which is fun for all ages. Kids can win points by doing well at the games, and depending on the points they win, can pick from a selection of prizes. Although the prizes do not amount to much, the kids find the long rolls of tickets coming from the machines exciting as they come rolling out of the machine. The thrill is far more exciting than the prizes.

The miniature golf course is fun to play – a little challenging. There are Halloween type monsters lining the walls throughout the place and some are actually at the holes. All the lighting is florescent so colors light up in brilliant hues. One of my grandsons was wearing tennis shoes with orange laces that really glowed in the dark. You could see them better than you could see my grandson.

I also highly recommend the Exotic Resort Zoo, which is on U.S. Hwy 281 four miles north of Johnson City, about one hour north of San Antonio. There are numerous animals, many often found only in Africa, that roam the place. There are zebras, camels, buffalo, alpacas, kangaroos, rhinos and numerous other animals. All are tame and you can feed them by holding your hand out with feed in it. The animals will eat the food right from the palm of your hand. A big attraction is a ride in a wagon pulled by a tractor. The tractor takes you over several acres of land, and there are animals all along the route. The wagon goes out hourly, but there is a petting zoo that will keep you and the kids occupied while you wait for the next departure.

So if you have kids or grand-kids, or are just looking for some fun for the kid in you – check out Monster Golf and the Exotic Resort Zoo.

Scott Myers

Broker/Owner of Century 21 Scott Myers

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